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Each insurance company has their own premium rate structure. They base their rates on common insurance factors. Learn more about these insurance factors on the Insurance Rates page.

Common factors such as age, location, and type of vehicle for example are different from one individual to another. This explains why one person's insurance rate differs from another's. Rates are also different for the same individual from one insurance company to another because each insurance company decides what value they want to charge for each of these factors.

The key for you is to find an insurance company that prefers your common factors or what we call your Personal Profile . An insurance company that prefers your profile will produce the best rate possible. However, you do not have the time to shop around to find that one company that best matches your personal profile for the lowest rate.
The Preferred Rate Quote Service is designed to do the shopping for you. The first step is to create your personal profile by answering a few questions either by calling us or enter the information yourself on the “Quote Page.” For auto and home quotes you will instantly start to see rates from some of our companies. Once we have your data on file, we will research which insurance company as the best rate for you.
It is that simple.

Once you are a client and have a policy:

At any renewal, if the rate goes up or if things change at any time like adding a teen driver, we can to the process again. We will continue to keep your insurance rates low by moving you to a different company any time it becomes necessary. Our goal is to keep your insurance cost as low as possible. Our loyalty is to you first, not the any one insurance company.

Again it is that simple.

Bullet The Agency that offers the Preferred Rate Quote Service is an independent agency called The Brinkley Insurance Group, sometimes just called "The BIG Agency" An independent agency offers insurance from several insurance companies not just one.

Bullet We are looking out for your family. Our purpose is to make sure you are not paying too much for your insurance and to provide on-going services for all your insurance needs.

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