Welcome to BIG Agency
Call us old fashion, by we still love to talk on the phone. Please feel free to call us so we can ask the questions, and do the quoting processing for you without you having to fill out anything. Phone numbers of our agents are on the contact page. If an agent has not been assigned you call our main number at 972.492.9333.

Keep in mind, that we have several companies that are not available for instant quoting however you can get an idea now of our preferred rates by clicking the following links:

For instant AUTO and HOME quotes click here.

Health and Business quotes are not currently available for instant
quoting, please call us at 972.492.9333

Tips when entering information:

For Auto:
1 ) When asked about the body Style of your car, if you are not sure, just select any one for quoting purposes. If can adjust this before the policy is issued.
2) When asked about incidents or accidents, if you are not sure of the prior accident date just get close. We can look it up for you later.
3) When asked about coverages, choice the plan that is close to your wishes, we can customize your policy before issuing the policy.

For Home:
1) If you do not remember the purchase date of your home go ahead just get close.
2) The construction type of most homes in Texas is "Brick Veneer." If you are not sure, just select "Brick Veneer" for quoting purposes.
3) The standard deduction for home policies in Texas is “1%” of the value of your home for all claims and wind/hurricane. Choose “1%” for quoting purposes when asked.

Finally, if you do not know the expiration date of your current policy when asked, go ahead can select any date two weeks ahead of today’s date for quoting purposes.

Bullet The Agency that offers the Preferred Rate Quote Service is an independent agency called The Brinkley Insurance Group, sometimes just called "The BIG Agency" An independent agency offers insurance from several insurance companies not just one.

Bullet We are looking out for your family. Our purpose is to make sure you are not paying too much for your insurance and to provide on-going services for all your insurance needs.

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