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How does an insurance company calculate premiums or rates?

Common factors that affect insurance rates are:

  • Age (your age, the age of your auto or home for example)
  • Location (Different areas may have more hail claims for example.)
  • Insurance Credit Score (Your credit history does affect insurance rates.
    However, we know which ones use credit more or less in determining their rate.)
  • Gender/Martial Status (different rates apply to male and female, married or single. Married couples usually get a discount.)
  • Loss (Claim) History (Your past driving record, violations, accidents and claims on your property all affect rates. Again, we know which ones use prior losses more or less in determining their rates.)
  • Values, Deductible & Benefits (The value of your car, home, the amount of the deductible and what is covered all affect rates. We can help you decide which coverage is best for you.)

    We gather this information when you call or use or Quote link to create a Personal Profile . We present this profile to several insurance companies which then look at your profile to produce a rate. Since each individual, couple or family has a unique personal profile, they likewise would have an unique insurance premium rate for their Auto, Home, Life, Health or Business insurance.

    The Preferred Rate Quote Service attempts to find the insurance company that prefers your profile. This process of searching among our group of Texas approved insurance companies is called the Rating Process . This rating process will produce a preferred rate saving you on your insurance costs.

  • Bullet The Agency that offers the Preferred Rate Quote Service is an independent agency called The Brinkley Insurance Group, sometimes just called "The BIG Agency" An independent agency offers insurance from several insurance companies not just one.

    Bullet We are looking out for your family. Our purpose is to make sure you are not paying too much for your insurance and to provide on-going services for all your insurance needs.

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